What’s My Story?

Photo: Brad Austin

Photo: Brad Austin

Thanks for coming to my website to learn more about me.

I’m a sucker for a good soft pretzel. You can also win my heart with a hard pretzel. I’m thinking I like pretzels.

I am relentlessly curious and interested in learning more about myself and people. As a result, I will ask you (potentially too many) questions about yourself; but (good news) I’m also invested in hearing the answer.

I’m the author of three books. I have been a journalist for nearly two decades. A job at a community newspaper led to freelancing full-time for magazines and newspapers in Boston and New York City before I moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Here (I live in Kansas City now with my wife and two children), I’ve launched a food publication and worked as the food editor for Kansas City PBS.

As part of my research for stories, I’ve eaten two pounds of barbecue in a day (might do it again), made pork fat marshmallows (wouldn’t do it again) and asked Jason Sudeikis about Mr. Rogers (would go back there in a heartbeat).

I’ve made a documentary about burnt ends (bring barbecue to your viewing party, it’s hunger-inducing). I’ve won a Mid-America Regional EMMY for a documentary on sandlot baseball. I also created a podcast, wherein we asked bartenders to make a drink based off a song by a band and then interviewed the band and bartender to find out how they got backstage or behind the bar.

Stories I’ve Written That I’d Be Delighted If You Read:

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